July 21, 2017


How Providence Smart Checking Works

Let's see the usage method step by step

Step 1 Launch the application

Step 2 Choose Print mode

Step 3 Choose the template (Checkbox or Bubble) and the number of the Answer Sheet as you want.

Then click “print form”

Step 4 Send the answer sheets to your students for the exam

Step 5 After finishing the exam, gather the answer paper to prepare for checking.

Then, Press Scan Mode

Step 6 Select classroom that you want to check.

(First of all, you must already have your students data on USB Thumb drive)

Step 7 Choose numbers of questions (200 questions max)

Step 8 Put the answer sheet to scan on the machine and Press Scan Form button.

For this step, you can check the correctness of the solution from the screen.

If an error occurs, such as make the wrong answer, teachers can correct the answer on the screen immediately.

Step 9 Place the student’s answer paper and choose Scan Answer Sheet. The processor output is automatically assigned to each student’s grade.

The machine will have a warning, if the student does not take one or more of the answers in that section.

Step10 See preview. (if error of the answer paper occur, the teacher can correct it at the screen instantly)

Then press at the Export Data button to send the results to the USB Thumb Drive immediately. (for storing the test results, including the analysis of the test)

Various Ways of sending the score results

Direct PRINT

Send to EMAIL

Send to SMB

Send to FAX