June 20, 2017



What is Providence Smart Checking?

The innovation of Samsung Laser Printer comes with Android Operating System, which does not only have functions for printing, copying, scanning, faxing or sending and receiving emails in one machine but it is also able to work with an application that helps for checking multiple-choices tests within 10 minutes (200 answer sheets)

And that is, PROVIDENCE SMART CHECKING, the application that is able to provide fast, time-efficient, cost-effective and precise Test checking. The application also helps teachers analyze the students’ scores, based on the educational standards, and can print to see the scores instantly.

Providence Smart Checking, A Test-Checking application, that helps teachers spend time more efficiently and comes with Samsung Laser Printers, Photocopiers, Scan, Fax and Check the multiple choices exams. Complete in One Machine.

With Whom, Where and How can I order Providence Smart Checking?

You can order with Poontana Marketing Co., Ltd.

Contact : +662 907 8000 

What series of Samsung Laser Printers that are compatible with Providence Smart Checking?

A4 Mono Multi-Function Printer :
SL-M4370LX, SL-M4580FX, SL-M5370LX

A3 Mono Multi-Function Printer :
SL-K4250RX, SL-K4300LX,
SL-K4350LX, SL-K7400LX/GX,
SL-K7500LX/GX, SL-K7600LX/GX

A3 Color Multi-Function Printer :
SL-X4220RX, SL-X4250LX, SL-X4300LX,
SL-X7400LX/GX, SL-X7500LX/GX,

How can customers call for service?

Customers can contact for service in several ways, Telephone calling, Email sending, and Support request via HTTPS://WWW.PROVIDENCESOLUTIONS.BIZ/SUPPORT/

Moreover, our support team can monitor and solve any problems effectively with Remote Call Application.

What is the advantages and the features of Providence Smart Checking?

The Design can be both Checkbox and Bubble Templates

An in-depth analysis of P / R Mean and Average values.

Exams up to 20 classrooms, 150 students per class.

Save data to USB or can print directly at the screen.

Supports Thai and English

Capability to Check the answer sheet up to 200 sheets.

The answer paper can be printed according to the number of actual use.

Check the error of the answer sheet immediately on screen, such as Check 2 answers in one negative, unclean or unanswered answer.

Who is suitable for using Providence Smart Checking?

1. Educational Institution

2. Tutor House

3. Corporate

Can I order only Providence Smart Checking without having Samsung Laser Printer?

No, Because Providence Smart Checking Application has to work with the printer that comes with the Android Operating System

How difficult is Providence Smart Checking process?

Providence Smart Checking is very easy and user friendly interface. Only 3 steps,

1.Print out template
2.Scan Exam
3.Automatically show the results.

Every process, User can operate easily on 10.1 inches touch screen control panel.