June 20, 2017


Providence Smart Solutions?

Providence Solutions was founded by a partnership between Poontana Marketing Co., Ltd. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Korea) to develop applications that perfectly meet the needs of Samsung’s multi-function printers.

Due to its advanced technology of Samsung Smart UX multifunction printer with Android operating system, on the tablet screen to control the use of the machine easily. With the abilities of the machine can also work as an entire function; Copier, Printer, Scanner And Fax machine in a single device.

The company has realized how the additional capabilities of the Samsung Smart UX can be created, therefore the application has been developed to bring a variety of capabilities to get the most potential of every function. This is the beginning of the invention of the application to bring the ability to Printing speed, Printing quality, Scanning speed, Scanning quality combined with fast quad core CPU processing capabilities. Combined with the modernization of the application which is designed to be easy and effectively use.

When it comes to reach overall capabilities, Providence Smart Checking is the first application that has been invented and developed. By acting as an intelligent test program on the Samsung Smart UX so teachers in all educational institution can spend valuable time in developing teaching and learning. Providence Smart Checking which is perfectly combined with Samsung Smart UX, It can be processed quickly, accurately, practical. Exams can be cross-examined and solid proof. Average score can be calculated. You can sort the test scores. Institutions will benefit from the use of Providence Smart Checking on the Samsung Smart UX Multifunction Printer and can further enhance the image of your institution as a Smart School or Smart Education.

Not just Providence Smart Checking. We continuously develop and intent to develop best application and software to meet all kind of user needs. This will be officially launched in the near future.